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If you’d taken a notebook to an M&S cafe two weeks ago, you might have scribbled that a woman gasped and dropped her phone. That was me after reading an FWS email. You’d have noted my face turning from shock to delight and observed the shaking hands of a scriever becoming the Scriever.


I’ve been in FW(S) for years and was a regular at events, however, this slipped as care commitments piled up. I’ve a background in adult education and editing so, as Scriever, I’ll use my skills to address some of the barriers to writing, performing and publishing. 

Colette Coen was a runner-up in the Mslexia Short Story Competition, with recent publication in the Mslexia Best Short Fiction 2023 Anthology, Five Glasgow Stories and Dreich. Her short story collection – Forgotten Dreams – and novel – All the Places I’ve Ever Been – are available on Amazon. She is currently working on her second novel. She lives in East Renfrewshire where she runs Beech Editorial Services. Buy her a red wine (or a coffee) and she’ll tell you a story.






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