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Celebrating 2022

Virtual Anthology 2022

This year, in response to the ongoing Covid situation, the Federation of Writers (Scotland) decided to make its regular anthology virtual, eschewing the printed page and opening to contributions from across Scotland, and around the world. Working to a theme of '22 for 22', writers were invited to contribute poems of 22 lines or fewer and prose works not exceeding 222 words.

Watch and hear members from across Scotland and beyond read their works, edited together by our Chair, Marcas Mac an Tuairneir

22 for 22

22 for 22

Contributing writers:

Cáit O'Neill McCullough
Stephanie Green

Alan Kennedy

Charlie Roy

Morag Anderson

Catherine Eunson

Greg Michaelson

Ann MacKinnon

A C Clarke

Andy Manders
L A Traynor

Donnchadh MacCàba
Julie McNeill
Slava Konoval

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