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Federation of Writers (Scotland) Board

Office Holders and Trustees

There are a number of individuals who work tirelessly to support and develop the work of the FWS, both as Board Members ( or more correctly Charity Trustees ) and a range of others who work to forward the aims of the FWS, including in supporting the creation of publications, in acting as selectors and advisors, editing and proof reading, ambassadors and patrons of the organisation. We are very grateful for their input.

Our Volunteers

We also rely on the generous support of our volunteers, particularly with the compilation and distribution of our monthly Newsmail


Etta Dunn / Anne Connolly / Jenifer Harley / Sue Burnside

Carol Ann Duffy / Liz Lochhead / Magi Gibson / Christine de Luca / Dave Anderson

Donny O’Rourke / Rosemary Ward / Bashabi Fraser / Zoe Strachan


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