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Anthology 2023

The submission window for the 2024 Federation of Writers (Scotland) Anthology published by New Voices Press is now open. Submissions are invited from FWS members until December 3rd, 2023. Poems, short stories, and flash fiction pieces in any of the languages of Scotland should be submitted according to the layout, size and number indicated in our guide for submissions at


Submissions should be sent to Janet Crawford at


Successful contributors will be notified by 14th February 2024.

Submissions Guidelines

This opportunity is for members of Federation of Writers (Scotland) only.

New Voices Press (NVP) is an imprint of the Federation of Writers (Scotland) NVP is not a commercial publisher and is open for submissions only from members of the FWS. Membership of the FWS is free, and open to writers anywhere with an interest  in Scotland and Scottish writing. FWS membership is separate from membership of the Facebook group, and you can apply via this website.

All members of the FW(S) editorial team will look at all work submitted within the terms of these guidelines. An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to the author within four weeks of submission.

NVP considers poetry, short works of prose fiction and non-fiction, in any of the languages of Scotland, Scots, English & Scots Gaelic. Scots Gaelic submissions must also be accompanied by an English translation.

The following are guidelines for initial submissions:


  • Send us your best pieces!!

  • We are moving to one entry per category this year, in part to include as many members as possible in the anthology

  • Poetry: One poem, not more than 40 lines in length. (longer poems will be automatically disqualified)

  • Prose: One short story; over 501 and under 2,000 words in length

  • Prose: One piece of flash fiction: 500 words in length or under

  • Please indicate the line count - excluding title - at end of each poem and the word count at the end of each piece of Prose Writing. 


Furthermore, please check

  • All work to be single spaced and in Times Roman 12 point.

  • Do not include your name or other identifying mark on the work submitted but submit it with a separate sheet, giving your name, address and contact details as well as the titles of each submission.

  • Example: Email with one submission piece only, should contain two word docs: one with contact detailing and another with the submission, etc etc. 

  • The editorial team will not separate pieces which come as one continuous word document… and will return them to the sender for resubmission.

  • The editorial team will not accept work which does not follow our guidelines

  • Please send as a Word attachment (doc. or docx). Do NOT send as rtf or pdf.

  • The editorial team regret that they do not have resources to support publication through NVP of novels or novellas, screenplays, full-length dramas or large non-fiction projects. They recommend that members submit these to commercial publishers or literary agents in line with guidance available in the current editions of The Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook or The Writer’s Handbook.

  • No work submitted should have been previously published/broadcast/e-published or posted on-line in any form.

  • Material already being considered by other publishers should not be offered to NVP. 

  • Whilst copyright remains with the author of the individual works, NVP would respectfully ask for exclusive access to the work until end 2023. 

  • No correspondence can be entered into with the selectors. Successful contributors will be notified by Wednesday 14th February 2024.


Submissions should be sent via email to Janet Crawford at 


All members should ensure that they keep a copy of everything they submit.

  • Anthology Co-ordinators

    • Janet Crawford

    • Lesley Traynor

  • Selectors

    • Morag Anderson (Poetry)

    • Carol McKay (Prose)

    • Marcas Mac an Tuairneir (Gaelic) 

    • Ann MacKinnon (Scots)

All members of the FW(S) editorial team will look at all work submitted within the terms of these guidelines. An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to the author within four weeks of submission.


I’m not a Federation member. Can I submit to the anthology?

No. The anthology is designed to showcase the work of members. As soon as you join the Federation you are eligible to submit work.


I have gone a few words/lines over the limit. Does it matter?

Any entry exceeding the word/line limit will not be accepted. You may resubmit a shorter version or a different entry.


Do you allow translations of work by other writers?


No. You may submit an English or Scots translation of your own work (e.g. if you normally write in Gaelic) but not someone else’s.


If your submission is  in Gaelic, in which case you may provide a translation into English or Scots by another writer, provided the translator is acknowledged.


How about ‘erasures’ based on work by another writer or on found text?


No. You may where relevant include a word or phrase from another writer or text (provided it is acknowledged) but your work must be substantially your own.


I’ve sent in my entry but just noticed something I want to change.

Once the entry has been accepted no further alterations can be made. 


What if my entry is accepted for publication elsewhere?

We ask that you do not submit work under consideration by other publishers or previously published work.


How will I know that my entry has been received?


You will be notified of receipt within four weeks of submission.


It’s past the date when successful entrants were due to be notified and I haven’t heard anything. Should I assume I wasn’t successful?

Yes, I’m afraid so unless there has been a change in the date owing to unforeseen circumstances in which case there will be a notice on the FWS web-site.


I have a friend who writes lovely poetry/short stories but is shy about trying to get it published. I attach two submissions on her behalf.

Entering by proxy is not possible, including entering the work of someone after they have died. You may be able to encourage your friend to submit as per the guidelines on our website.


Can I submit my work under a pen name?

Yes, provided your contact details state your real name and how you can be contacted.


Will you alter the layout of my work to make it look better? I’m not very experienced at this.

Entries are accepted as they stand and appraised for publication by the editors who cannot accept any request to alter them. Please refer closely to the submission guidelines for formatting.


I am unable to submit work electronically. Can I send it by post?

No. Please submit by email or get in touch for assistance.

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