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Our Facebook Group

The Federation's Facebook Group remains the definitive online space for receiving and sharing Scotland's literary news. Members post on a daily basis with their news and successes, as well as opportunities for writing, development, publication and networking.

Whilst we encourage robust and meaningful debate, we also encourage courtesy and kindness and our group is closely moderated by our Social Media Secretary and Chair.



Facebook has recently changed the settings of this group whereby those outwith its membership can submit posts for moderation without being members.


Please refer to the guidelines in the pinned post before doing so. This group is primarily for signed-up members of the Federation to share news of their work and those new to the group are encouraged to contact our membership secretary through our website to become full members of the organisation.


Membership of the group depends on agreeing to the rules, which you'll be guided to when you click 'join'. As such, those who don't click acceptance of the rules are not admitted as members until they do so. To that end, if you've been rejected owing to this in the first instance, please do click 'join' again, with the rules accepted.

Posts submitted randomly from folk who aren't Facebook group members and haven't accepted the rules of the group won't be accepted. We don't stipulate that you must be members of the organisation to be a member of the group, but with so many benefits to joining, please consider doing so.

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